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Shun House – Free for Five Days!

Beginning 3rd July, Shun House is available for FREE on Amazon Kindle!

Shun House on Kindle

E-book and Paperback available from the usual channels.

Shun House is a romance, but it’s far from conventional.

Marquis Raphael, the last survivor of the family Vaskapu – descendants of legendary and unholy unions between human captives and dragons.

Raphael spends his days dreaming of the future. He yearns to find a bride, someone who can perpetuate his name, preserve his bloodline through generations to come. But human women are poor hosts, only rarely able to conceive, and he despairs of ever succeeding in his goal.

Then, when all hope seems lost, Raphael learns of another, a young Contessa from Iberia, a descendant like himself from the most ancient of days. He sends for her and they duly wed.

Accompanying Contessa Adelina is Constanza Cantabria, her chaperone and surrogate mother. She falls in love with Joseph Harrow, the Marquis’s most senior and trusted servant. But if the Vaskapu are monsters, so is Harrow with his own cruel lusts. He is a slave to them, and suffers extreme anguish born of his guilt and fear of what might wait for him in the afterlife; yet he is not strong enough to resist the lure of his perversion.

To his own astonishment, Harrow finds himself falling in love as well, discovering a semblance of peace and forgiveness in Constanza’s affections. Could she offer him an escape from his dread nightmares?

Try Shun House for free, and leave your feedback on Amazon.

Happy Reading,

Nigel Edwards.


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Shun House, Kindle Offer


It’s taken quite a while, as I’m sure you know, but I’ve now finished and published the full-length sequel to Waif, Shun House.  The original cast of Butler, Young Master and Cook are reprised but they are now more than just shallow titles.  Butler is now Joseph Harrow, most senior servant at Benediction House (Great House).  Cook is Mistress Hartley while Young Master has matured into the Marquis Raphael Álmos Vaskapu, still the last of his line, still seeking to preserve his lineage.

And in this tale, he may have found a salvation.  Condesa Adelina Lupita Serpa Cantabria has crossed the sea to meet with him.  What will she find when she arrives?  Can she play the part that Raphael would have the Fates carve out for her?  Or will she be one more patch of barren ground, one more unfulfilled promise to future’s hope?

Shun House on Kindle

Shun House on Kindle.

In many ways Shun House is very different to Waif, which was an experimental work. Shun House is far more conventional in structure and delivery.  The characters are more developed and the language used to describe them, their surroundings and the events that unfold speaks to us from a time when language was at least as important as the story itself.

The tale takes place some ten years on from Waif but is much colder and darker, and leads us down paths we may find uncomfortable and unpleasant.  I won’t pretend that all my beta readers liked it; some found it difficult to read while others found it disturbing.  Nevertheless, I present it here for you to consider.

Shun House will be available as a free Kindle download from March 30th through April 3rd (2016).  I hope you will be able to take advantage of this, and I hope further that you will offer your comments in a Kindle review, good or ill.

Best Wishes to you All,

Nigel Edwards.

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SHUN HOUSE Available!


E-book and Paperback available from the usual channels.

E-book and Paperback available from the usual channels.

It seemed to take forever to get here but at last Shun House is published.  Available through CreateSpace immediately, Amazon within the next few days, and other sales channels within the next week or two (probably).

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Great Offer from NewCon Press

Thought I’d spread the word on behalf of my chum Ian Whates:


Just to alert everyone that during this month I’m crashing the price on a whole load of NewCon Press titles, as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations (including ‘Shoes Ships and Cadavers’ featuring our own group’s work) and Andy’s novel ‘The Outcast and the Little One. Books are discounted by as much as 80%, meaning that some titles are as low as £2.00, and they include many signed limited editions. Prices return to normal at the end of the month.

The offer includes titles by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Stan Nicholls, Steve Rasnic Tem, Gary McMahon, Liz Williams, Chris Beckett, David Mercurio Rivera, Kim Lakin-Smith, Eric Brown, Dave Hutchinson, Nina Allan, Keith Brooke, our own Ian Watson, Andrew Hook, Andy West, me, and anthologies featuring all sorts of people…

I recommend everyone to go take a look!   🙂

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The Scrapdragon, Free on Kindle for 1 Week Only

Thought you might like to know that

A Metal Dragon drawn with Inkscape

will be available for free from Kindle from March 1st for 1 week only!  Enjoy!


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NSFWG on Facebook

The Northampton SF Writers Group is now on Facebook.  The page is kept up-to-date with news and info about public events, author signings, latest releases through NewCon Press and Greyhart Press, so well worth a visit!

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Badger’s Waddle – Published at Last!

Finally Badger’s Waddle has made to the printers (both paper and e-book)! YEE-HAAA!  Many thanks to Tim at Greyhart for persevering and determination, particularly at a time of some personal concern for him (all my best thoughts on that matter to you and yours).

Also, though I’ve said thanks before, thanks again to Dean Harkness for his truly great and fun cover work!

SO, what’s the early days response from the readers who are, after all, the only critics who actually count.  Well, it’s a mixed bag.  I’m pleased that the majority are positive, with very kind analogies towards the great Terry Pratchett and the even greater Monty Python.  Of course there are negatives, too, and all are justified.  The thing about writing something for a mass market is that nobody is ever going to please everyone (confession: even my wife didn’t like BW, so if other’s don’t like it too I can’t find fault with them).

One word of explanation about exactly what BW is – or more correctly, about what it is not.  It isn’t a linear story.  It doesn’t follow a pattern.  It doesn’t subscribe to any particular genre.  It’s not educational.

What I wanted to do with the book was present ‘episodes’ in the lives of rather wacky villagers with fantastical backdrop to measure against.  One criticism was that some of the ‘chapters’ in BW  had no logical connection to others, and that is absolutely correct.  The point is that in any village/town/city you care to name, every single house/bungalow/flat will have a story of its own, a story that is wholly unconnected to any neighbours.  Just look at the news headlines on almost any day and you will see banners proclaiming: “They seemed such a quiet family,” say neighbours, or similar.

And so it is with BW.

As for the ‘gross’ aspects of the book, well – this is inevitably a matter of personal viewpoint; but I confess it was intentional.  I wanted to see if I could write something that was gross without recourse to crudity, and I think I just about managed that.  (As it happens, one chapter was originally a bit more naughty than the one that actually made it to the printers.)  So, for those who read it and are revolted I can only say ‘Sorry’ – but the blurb does, I think, give you fair warning!

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Badger’s Waddle Cover Art

I was very disappointed when I learned that the cover art for Badger’s Waddle wouldn’t be ready in time for FantasyCon 2012.  I’d approved the preliminary sketches ages ago and liked the way they were going.

The artwork still isn’t quite finished, but the painting is now almost there, so I thought you might like to see a little preview:

Badger's Waddle Preview

This is a preview of the as-yet-incomplete cover art for Badger’s Waddle.

It’s totally wacky, silly, and 100% in keeping with the spirit of the book – I have to say I LOVE it!

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FantasyCon 2012 – the result

So along I went and actually sold a couple of Badger’s Waddle and The Cookie Tin Collection.

It all seemed to have been pretty well organised.  The fantasy Con people were friendly and the hotel was ok-ish (one of my friends had stayed overnight and reported hot water – which would have been good if it hadn’t been dripping from the ceiling light in his en suite!)

Our book launch wasn’t, I must admit, a tremendous success.  Apparently there’d been a bit of a party at the hotel the night before (I guess that’s what conventions are all about, really) with a 4 AM bed-time, and our launch slot, being the first event the next morning was, inevitably, less than ideal.  That, plus the fact that neither Paul (fellow launcher) nor I are household names, meant we kind of got bypassed as we sat at our little tables with piles of books and pens at the ready.  Some folks did stop to say hi and chat a while, and to them I really am very grateful.  Not all of you actually bought anything, but in these cash-strapped days I’m not surprised that you budgeted to purchase known brands, rather than try a taster of something new.

Anyhoo, I’d never done anything like that before but I’m glad I did.  Would I go to another?  Yes, I probably would, though I wouldn’t go for just the morning.  For one thing the price of casual parking in Brighton is ridiculous – I was there for 3 hours and was charged a fee of £15.00 (fifteen pounds stirling) for the privilege!  I’d also want to spend a bit more time getting to know some of the other visitors and soak in a bit more of the atmosphere, and maybe learn a thing or two from the old hands at the writing game.

So, worth going for the experience if not the sales.  Maybe it’ll be better next time.


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FantasyCon 2012 ROCKS!

In particular, the good folks who manage the event, and especially STEPHEN JONES!

The saga so far…

I have a book (Badger’s Waddle) that is being launched on Sunday morning at FantasyCon 2012 in Brighton.

BUT, I hadn’t realised I needed a membership pass to gain entry, and I didn’t find that out until yesterday evening.

THEN I discovered that the register-by date had expired, which meant I wouldn’t be able to attend.

SO, I became desperately depressed and cheesed off that my 5 minutes of (very low-key) fame was to be denied.

ANYWAY, this morning I sent an email to FC2012, in hope rather than expectation, asking if there was any way I could get a pass to attend.

AND lo and behold, I got responses from the good folks at FC2012, the very last of which (from the Stephen mentioned at the top of this post) confirmed that I would be allowed into the venue for the duration of the book launch on Sunday!

Regrettably it doesn’t help the stalwarts who wanted to come along with me, and to them I offer my apologies and commiserations.

BUT, a very BIG and sincere THANK YOU to STEPHEN and ALL at the FC2012!!!

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