Waif – A Free eBook

Kindle Book by Nigel Edwards
Kindle Book by Nigel Edwards

Waif (published by Greyhart Press) was written as a piece of indulgence. I wanted to see if I could write an atmospheric story with multiple characters but without giving them real names. The idea was for them to be defined by their functions; thus we have Butler, Cook, Young Master, as well as Waif herself. I think this worked pretty well.

Note that Waif is currently a FREE download from Amazon and also Smashwords

Here are a couple of reviews Waif received on Amazon:

~ ~ ~

“Amazing!  “Waif” is an original, entertaining, and atmospheric tale that can rightly be called a thriller. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and pulls you into a dark mystery. The writing is clean, crisp, and flows smoothly from the first word to the last.  It’s a highly enjoyable tale; I will keep an eye out for the author’s other work”

By M. DiSpirito “mentored1” (Rhode Island)

~ ~ ~
“The author quickly and cleverly binds you to this short story as easily as the Young Master shackles the Waif to the stone wall. You will be able to smell the tallow candles, taste the dust and feel the chill creep up your spine. From the minute you meet the Waif you can feel her innocence just as easily as you can feel the calluses of her hands. Butler and Cook serve the story so well that you can feel them lurking in the background – waiting for the moment they can serve the Young Master. The author easily enchants you with the mysterious Young Master, whose anguish is so palpable you will be sucking in your breath and hoping the Waif is his answer. Waif desires to be his answer as much as the Young Master needs her to be. The yearning is as thick as the fog that rises with the full moon. This short story is riveting and thrilling. One of the best short stories I have read”
By JustJan (USA)

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