The Tower

The Tower by Nigel Edwards
The Tower, in the anthology Shoes Ships & Cadavers

The Tower is the final chapter in the anthology Shoes, Ships,and Cadavers (published by NewCon Press ).  The story is very simple. It asks the question: was your life worth the living?  But it’s not a dour, hard tale.  I think the short review below from Alan Moore sums it up pretty nicely.

“…The collection ends, appropriately, with The Tower by Nigel Edwards. Moving, simple and affectionate, it is set in Northampton ’s famous (in the town anyway) National Lift Tower and takes us on one final ascent…”

There are many other stories in the book, and each is beautifully crafted and a delight to read.  Shoes, Ships,and Cadavers is available from all the usual on-line outlets, as well as direct from the publishers, or (if you ask) from your local library.


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