Kindle Book by Nigel Edwards
Kindle Book by Nigel Edwards

Garrison (published by Greyhart Press) is the story of Ataqa, a young man conscripted to serve in his Duke’s army.  Together with ‘Hoop’, another new recruit, he is posted to the garrison at Harteq Sef, the disputed Iron Flats territory in the arid north of the country.  On the march they are teamed up with Von, a veteran survivor of many campaigns.  He becomes a surrogate father to them, offering worldly council to stand them in good stead, if only they’d listen.  Ataqa does, but Hoop is more headstrong.  He wants a life of action and adventure, so he says, and action comes soon enough.  A band of mounted raiders are spotted and the company is set on alert.  For the present the threat diminishes and they resume their journey to the garrison where they learn that Von is not just an old soldier but a man with a history, a past life spent outside the boundaries of the law…  But soon it’s Von’s military experience that’s important as the garrison commander orders a strike against the raiders.  Von, Ataqa and Hoop are sent as part of a column to intercept and destroy the marauders.  The men are deployed in readiness and both Ataqa and Hoop experience for the first time the tensions and stresses of waiting on the edge of battle.  In the end they learn the true horror of combat, and their lives are changed – but in very different ways…

I wrote Garrison several years ago, shortly after writing my first novel, PRISM [the first draft of which was self-published.  I withdrew the book when I joined the NSFWG, having come to realise just how many issues there were with it.  I’ve now begun the huge task of editing…]  Garrison is an extension of PRISM, with the world of the prism as a backdrop.

Garrison is probably my favourite of all my stories though I couldn’t for certain say why.  Perhaps it’s the sympathy I feel towards Hoop, whose weakness is one I perceive in myself.  Maybe it’s because, for me, it captures a snapshot of the prism realm I created and didn’t quite get right in the novel.  Either way, I certainly loved writing Garrison and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.


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