Kindle Book by Nigel Edwards
Kindle book from Nigel Edwards

I wrote Ferryman (published by Greyhart Press) because I wanted to write a story about death but without mentioning the word, or similar words and derivatives. The tale itself, though, was inspired by the British General Election of 2010, which resulted in coalition politics, narrowly avoiding a minority government which, according to some, would have been disastrous. I decided to explore the possibilities of what might happen if such electoral outcomes became the norm. Ferryman is the result.

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Here is a review received for Ferryman:

“This was a fantastic short story.  “Well-written” doesn’t even begin to describe Ferryman; it’s engrossing.  The simple, clean style perfectly highlights our precise protagonist.  If this future Edwards presents to us does in fact become a reality, the character he describes is exactly the type of person who would become a Ferryman: highly competent with the hint of a god complex.

What’s especially clever about this story is how the author presented different moral points of view.  Instead of throwing everything in your face, he creates side characters that each embody a certain moral position with regard to how people would feel about Ferrymen.  I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice to say that all of the arguments for or against Ferrymen are presented with the mere presence of certain personality types and/or job descriptions.  This was certainly an impressive display of writing skill.

I highly recommend this story.  It’s definitely one that will stay with you after reading it.”

4.5/5 stars  Reviewed by Alain Gomez,



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