Do you ever go back?

Do you ever go back?  That’s a broad question but what I’m especially thinking of at the moment is to do with employment.

The vast majority of people have to work for a living, by which I mean they have to prostitute themselves for an employer to receive money that allows them to live within ‘normal’ society.  (It can be argued, of course, that even employers work for ‘someone’, be that the tax man, the board, the shareholders or their customers, but I’m talking about ‘average Joe or Josephine’.)

A situation I may find myself in is where I once worked for a company, left for another, better paid job, was made redundant a year later and has since been contacted by recruitment agencies about returning to the former employer.  If it happened to you would you consider going back?

There are potential snags in doing so.  For instance, on your return there’s a good chance you’ll meet up with people you maybe didn’t altogether get on with, for whatever reason.  That can obviously lead to awkward situations.  Perhaps you might be asked to return in a ‘higher’ role with more authority, responsibility and salary.  Would your ex-colleagues resent your return in that circumstance?  And it you did decide to return (assuming you received the offer) how would you go about mending any damaged or broken bridges?

Or do you avoid such issues completely by steadfastly refusing to return to what you left behind?  Any thoughts?


2 responses to “Do you ever go back?

  1. As it happens the opportunity didn’t arise. I don’t know whether I’m relieved or sad. Probably relieved, on balance. 🙂


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