Snorky’s Moll, Independent Review

Can’t help bragging about a review from The Reader In The Tower.  Here’s an unedited extract:

The characterisation of Snorky’s Moll herself – Julia – was particularly inspired, and Edwards’ control of both his POV character and the focus of the piece were probably what held it together the best. The protagonist is undoubtedly attracted to this vision, and vice-versa – they have sex together in the back of a cab. But one of his initial observations of Julia was that she was not really pretty – mouth too wide, nose too long – and, particularly delightfully, that she ate bratwurst and onions and:

“…the way she ate reminded me of a dog snuffling after food in its dish.”

I like this writer.

I like him a lot.

And the woman’s unattractive eating habits speak to more than her own character. Such scenes are part of the way Edwards textures his novel with vibrant detail, both modern and historical. A fashionable young woman who’d dream of eating something as heart-attack-inducing as greasy sausage in public? We’re not in the twentieth-century anymore. It contrasts starkly with earlier mentions of the society beauty Celia, with her “white diamond caviar and blue lobster.”

Edwards plays fast and loose with history in Julia’s explanation of exactly why the protagonist needs to kill his wife, but the casual reader won’t notice and the more informed one probably won’t care. This is a work of fiction, not a textbook.

With some elements that are inevitable and some that are completely unexpected, the last scene is real ignore-the-phone reading, with a final line that I love more than is probably healthy.

Definitely worth the read.

BIG GRIN ! ! !


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