FantasyCon 2012 ROCKS!

In particular, the good folks who manage the event, and especially STEPHEN JONES!

The saga so far…

I have a book (Badger’s Waddle) that is being launched on Sunday morning at FantasyCon 2012 in Brighton.

BUT, I hadn’t realised I needed a membership pass to gain entry, and I didn’t find that out until yesterday evening.

THEN I discovered that the register-by date had expired, which meant I wouldn’t be able to attend.

SO, I became desperately depressed and cheesed off that my 5 minutes of (very low-key) fame was to be denied.

ANYWAY, this morning I sent an email to FC2012, in hope rather than expectation, asking if there was any way I could get a pass to attend.

AND lo and behold, I got responses from the good folks at FC2012, the very last of which (from the Stephen mentioned at the top of this post) confirmed that I would be allowed into the venue for the duration of the book launch on Sunday!

Regrettably it doesn’t help the stalwarts who wanted to come along with me, and to them I offer my apologies and commiserations.

BUT, a very BIG and sincere THANK YOU to STEPHEN and ALL at the FC2012!!!


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