Badger’s Waddle – publisher’s warning

Greyhart Press have teams of beta readers (get in touch with them if you’d like to participate) who fastidiously review pre-publication copies of books, picking out all the mistakes the author has deliberately put in to trap the unwary beta-reader.  In the case of Badger’s Waddle, Tim (the publisher) has seen fit to provide a note of caution as follows:

Style/ Genre: It’s fantasy with deliberate smatterings of science fiction and even a little gothic in places. The little village of Badger’s Waddle is a haven of old-fashioned English politeness and traditional values (hot, sweet tea, stiff upper lips, choir practice in the medieval parish church), but look again its inhabitants are grotesques and pastimes surreal. There is a dark and subtle humor running throughout, and although the language and descriptions are never crude, some will find the goings-on in the village to be “gross-out” humor.

And the first ever review (from fibrochimp) produced this response:

Badger’s Waddle rocks, and rolls and sometimes makes you feel a bit queasy… but don’t let that put you off there are a lot of LOL moments.

You have been warned!


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