Do you like children’s stories? I’ve written one…

The Scrapdragon

The Scrapdragon

The Scrapdragon is a novel I completed writing earlier this year.  It’s for children aged – actually, I’m not sure.  Probably 10 or 11 and upwards to read for themselves, though it should be suitable for much younger children to have read to them.  I’d love to have it published – yes, I really do believe it is good enough, and is completely marketable – but can I get any agency to review it?  You’ve guessed it – no.  I send off the typescript but no one (21 to date) can give me the time.  And as for publishers – they’re only interested if you go through an agency!  Of course, if I were royalty, or had committed some heinous offense whilst in political office… Ah well, such is life.

You can read the synopsis here.

You can read the first chapters by clicking this link.  Enjoy!


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