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I was in a forum reading posts about writing for young adults and it got me wondering, since my work is published in e-book form, just what kind of audience I might be engaging with.  I had assumed that in general e-reader (e.g. Kindle) owners be in the 18 – 35 age group.  I trawled the net to find out if that assumption was correct and it turns out that it isn’t.  Take a look at this page, for instance (it’s well worth the read).

Kindle Demographics from Florida Research

Kindle Demographics from Florida Research

(Courtesy of Florida Research Group)

The above graph really did surprise me.  It also gave me encouragement.  I don’t see myself as a writer who writes for a give age group, rather one who writes stories for others to enjoy regardless of their age.  I worried that those interested in e-books were predominantly a lot younger than I.  Conversely I also worried that what I was writing wasn’t ‘mature’ enough for ‘mature’ readers (like me!)  I think now I’m reassured that between the ages of 18 and ’55 and older’ there must be a spread who will like what I write.

But what about you?  If you’re an author of children’s e-fiction should you now be a little concerned that such a small percentage of Kindle sales are in the 17 and younger band?  (I assume that Kindle usage in that age group is attained because older folks – i.e. parents, grandparents, etc. – are generally doing the buying.)  Having written a children’s novel myself and toyed with the idea of making it e-readable I’m certainly having second thoughts.  How about you?


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