public opinion

So Wimbledon is just about over and you’d be forgiven for thinking that team GB has, yet again, not met expectation.  I don’t know (not being a buff) about whether our main, media-promoted competitors have the requisite skills to match up with the best in the world, but in point of fact the UK does have someone in the final, young Liam Broady.  As I write his match is still going on, but the point is he’s gone further in the competition than either Henman or Murray ever did and yet, in tomorrow’s papers, I wonder how many inches will be given over to Liam?  Whether the lad wins or loses isn’t the point – he doesn’t have a name, and that means the press (by and large) aren’t interested.

Fame and success in this country is determined by how much the press like you.  Sometimes it seems it doesn’t matter how much talent you have, or even how nice a person you are – it’s all down to whether the media decides they want to support you or not, wants to promote you – and that’s down to whether they figure they can make money from you. Fair enough, they’re businesses and they need to make money but what really gets my goat is the way they think we’re fooled when they say all they do is ‘respond’ to what the public wants.  Baloney. They are in the business of making public opinion, not following it.  I just wish they’d be honest and admit to this (IMO) fact.


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